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Easy to use
The cover is rolled up using a crank or effortlessly using the ROLLTROT2® motor. Average operating time: unrolling = 2 mins/ rolling = 3 mins.

Quick and easy securing
Only 4 stainless steel ratchets to handle the standard model.

Extended life
Thanks to 2 interchangeable anti-abrasion strips located under the cover in line with the coping noses and composite protective pads riveted under the tubes.

On-tube tension system

Obtains perfect tension of the cover.

Leaf-proof and anti-lifting system along the lengths

The exclusive tension system with its flap along the length completely protects your pool in summer or winter against dust, leaves and other impurities.

Economical solution
Less evaporation. Improved heat balance for longer, more affordable pool use. Cleaner water. An improvement on the solar cover, with its roller and the winterisation cover.

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