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About Howards Hydrocare

Howards Hydrocare Ltd is a family run business that has been involved with the swimming pool industry for over 50 years.
Our expertise covers the entire field of hydrocare from full swimming pool design and installation, maintenance and chemical supplies to computer controlled dosing equipment for your pool. With our fully qualified team at your disposal, we are only a phone call away.
We pride ourselves on quality of workmanship at Howards Hydrocare. Over the years we have carried out many projects and fully understand the requirements of our clients.

Howards Hydrocare is contracted by many public and commercial organisations such as school training pools, outdoor municipal lidos and leisure enterprises to carry out all necessary works to ensure their smooth operation.
From hydrotherapy, school pools, private sector and municipal leisure complexes. We provide new build, maintenance or refurbishment to meet your needs.
Howards Hydrocare also offers an entire package to our domestic customers. We can install, maintain, refurbish, supply, repair and advise on pools, hot tubs, saunas or steam rooms.
We have a great line of saunas and steam rooms available for both commercial and domestic applications. Steam rooms can be ordered to any size. Beachcomber and Garden Leisure Tubs are displayed in our showroom.
Howards Hydrocare supplies and installs quality deck equipment such as stainless steel ladders, slides, lane markers, drainage channels and more.
Howards Hydrocare can supply and install complete swimming pool plant rooms whether new install or an existing refurbishment. Our plant room design is second to none, taking into consideration maintenance and functionality.
We provide the very finest quality equipment: we know what products are durable and user friendly. We have a well-stocked warehouse catering for those unforeseen circumstances and can offer pool shell components, skimmers and drains, fittings and pipes, plant equipment, etc. from stock.
We also stock the full Bayrol and Fi-Chlor specialist range of chemicals. Our trained staff are happy to advise or test for any water problems you may have by using our in-house computerised water test lab.
All Howards Hydrocare engineers are highly trained and certified in all required aspects of the swimming pool industry. We offer installation and maintenance of the whole plant room, air blowers, UV, pumps, bulk tanks, dosing equipment and much more.

We have many maintenance contracts which are flexible and tailored to the client needs in both the commercial and domestic sectors. We can supply and repair most popular models of fully automatic and manual cleaning equipment.
Howards Hydrocare is there to help in any situation, whether commercial or domestic, no project is too small, or too large.