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Howards Hydrocare Ltd offer a weekly maintenance service for a trouble free swimming pool all summer long. Weekly service is ideal for those that want to use a swimming pool without the worries, knowing your pool is pristine and ready to enjoy!

Howards Hydrocare Ltd have a very high success rate of pools not going green during regular maintenance. The weekly maintenance means customers have very little to carry out themselves. Fortnightly maintenance is for those that prefer to have a more hands on approach, Monthly maintenance is a more DIY we come in monthly for a piece of mind and check everything over.

What's carried out on our maintenance:-

  • Brush sides and bottom of pool with brush.
  • Vacuum Pool.
  • Remove surface debris with leaf net.
  • Backwash sand filter and return to service.
  • Clean Pump and skimmer filters.
  • Top up water. (place hose in pool, turn on, owner to turn off) Not applicable if automatic top up fitted.
  • Check pH, chlorine/bromine and algaecide levels and adjust with chlorine,acid,alkali and algaecide to standard operating levels.
  • Top up chlorinator with chlorine tablets and adjust chlorine if necessary.
  • Check time clocks for pumps and light (If applicable).
  • Check and if necessary adjust heater controls.
  • Check air handling unit, check air filters (replace if required).
  • Check chemical stock and re-order.
  • Visually check working operation of equipment.

Open up & Winterise

Have your pool opened and closed professionally to ensure pipe/equipment are put together properly and drained down when winterised to prevent freezing and cracking.You can use these services even if your not a regular service client.

Call our office for more details 01992-893389.


Sand Change:-
Having problems with your pool water? Do you need a sand change? It is recommended that swimming pool sand should be changed every 3 years to ensure the best of water clarity and filtration within your pool.

A normal filter sand change service will involve:-
  • emptying the sand filter of all media
  • clean out tank
  • inspect laterals
  • inspect multiport valve
  • inspect o'rings
  • refill tank with media
  • commission and start filtration up.
Heating:- Our GAS SAFE engineers repair and service gas boilers, heat pumps, air handling units and dehumidifiers. It's recommended that you service your equipment yearly to keep optimum efficiency of heating and to avoid unnecessary faults.


We do a wide range of pools from small domestic to commercial (schools, hotels, colleges, health clubs etc) that may have become outdated or from general wear and tear over the years, whatever it maybe we can revitalize your pool, or you may just need your plantroom updated, we are here to fulfill your requirements.