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Fi-Clor Mini bouy Fi-Clor Superfast Granules
Fi-Clor Mini bouy
RRP: £23.40 Inc VAT
Our Price: £18.72 Inc VAT
Fi-Clor Superfast Granules
RRP: £30.00 Inc VAT
Our Price: £24.00 Inc VAT
Fi-Clor Mini-Buoy will provide a constant input of 'background' chlorination for 1 to 2 months. It acts in the top few centimetres of pool water where pollution is greatest to minimise the risk of bacterial and algal infection. It's ideal for regular use in conjunction with other Fi-Clor chlorine sanitisers or for periods when the pool is not in use (eg when on holiday). 1kg, 2.5kg, 4kg
Fi-Clor Superfast Granules can be used either as a regular pool sanitiser, or as a shock to treat green or cloudy water. It contains 15% more available chlorine than standard calcium hypochlorite and its fine particle size enables you to dose directly into the pool.