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Crystal Clear 5KG Bromine Tablets
Crystal Clear 5KG Bromine Tablets

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Description Technical Specs
Crystal Clear Bromine Tablets is a highly effective sanitizer for swimming pools. It keeps water sparkling and clean.

Dosing Instructions

Crystal Clear Bromine Tablets is to be used with a suitable erosin feeder (Brominator).

1) Fill the Brominator with Crystal Clear Bromine tablets and start Brominator according to its instructions for use.

2) The ideal values for good water conditions are: pH 7.2-7.6 and bromine residual 2-4 ppm for pool and 3-6ppm for spas.

3) To achieve the ideal bromine residual the Brominator has to be adjusted accordingly.

4) Check the bromine residual with a test kit.

Important hint:
Crystal Clear Bromine is not recommended for use neither in chlorine dosing stations or in a skimmer.

Substances 100g of the product contains 93-99g bromochloro-dimethylhydantion.

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